About CPI

Established in 1991, Canada Pork International is the export promotion agency of the Canadian pork industry. It is a joint initiative of the Canadian Meat Council, representing the pork packers and trading companies, and of the Canadian Pork Council, which is the national hog producer organization. The Canadian pork industry is committed to customer satisfaction and a desire to diversify and expand export markets through Canada Pork International which has been specifically established to:

  • provide foreign customers with information on Canadian pork products and on the Canadian pork industry;
  • work with the Canadian Government and our trading partners to resolve specific foreign market access issues impacting on Canadian pork exports;
  • develop, coordinate and implement the generic international promotional efforts of the Canadian pork industry; and
  • keep the Canadian industry appraised of changes taking place in export markets.

Accordingly, the activities of Canada Pork International are primarily focused on organizing promotional activities in our priority markets, developing promotional material, investigating and reporting on export market opportunities and finally, but not least, on informing our foreign customers on the availability of Canadian pork products and on potential suppliers.

Annual Report

Canada Pork International’s annual report provides the opportunity to learn more about the programs and activities carried out by the organization in support to the Canadian pork industry.

2018–2019 CPI Annual Report

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