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How lean is Canadian pork? A new national nutrient study shows that Canadian pork is leaner than ever and can play an essential role in a healthy diet. The two-year study completed in 1994 is the most comprehensive nutrient analysis ever conducted on Canadian pork. It determined the fat content of fresh Canadian pork is significantly lower than was shown in earlier studies. In fact, the fat content of loin and leg cuts has fallen 42% and 47% respectively when compared to a previous study released in 1987. The new study indicates that some pork cuts are leaner than chicken.

Six popular pork cuts were chosen for analysis: the centre cut loin; the leg, inside round; the rib end loin; the shoulder butt; the tenderloin; and side ribs. Pork samples used for the study were collected at the retail level in five major metropolitan areas throughout the country. The wide sampling area ensured that the study results were reflective of the entire Canadian supply of pork.

  Nutrient Value of Canadian Pork
(grams of fat per 
100 gram of serving, lean only)
Pork Tenderloin, roasted 2.5
Pork tenderloin, broiled 3.3
Leg inside round, roasted 4.2
Loin centre chop, grilled 3.8
Loin centre roast, roasted 6.8
Sirloin steak, grilled 6.7
Sirloin roast, roasted 7.2
Rib steak, grilled 10.0
Rib roast, roasted 8.4
Shoulder blade roast, roasted 11.0
Shoulder picnic roast, roasted 13.0
Side ribs, simmered & roasted 24.0
Back ribs, roasted 27.0
Country-style ribs, roasted 15.0
Lean ground pork, pan-fried 14.0
Medium ground pork, pan-fried 22.0

The leanest cut in this study was the tenderloin; with only 3.1 grams of fat per 85 gram serving of cooked separable lean tissue, this premium cut is as lean as skinless, boneless chicken breast.

Leaner Canadian pork is the result of constant improvement in feeding, breeding and management practices on the farm; these improvements have been encouraged by a grading system that pays a producer more for lean, well muscled hogs. Trimming practices at packing plants also contribute to the lean content of pork.

Canada may have reached the optimum level of leanness; further reducing the fat content could sacrifice the excellent quality and taste that Canadian pork is well known for.

For details, download Nutrient Value of Canadian Pork.
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