A Collaborative Industry Trade Advertisement

Each year Canada Pork produces a national trade advertising program to support the Canadian pork industry. Previous ads have focused on demand-building programs and the promotion of the Verified Canadian Pork™ (VCP) brand. With the help and collaboration of three provincial members—Alberta,  Manitoba and Saskatchewan—Canada Pork created an advertisement that adds a level to VCP messaging. 

The goal of this ad was to focus on these three western provinces and their producers. The ad gives a “face” to the people who produce our pork and the province it comes from. It allowed each province to tell a part of their story and tie it back to VCP. The ad messaging is broken down into two sections, shown across one double-page spread to provide a cohesive look. One side highlights the five pillars of VCP including food safety, responsible animal care, traceability, processing quality, safety assurance systems and no added hormones. The other side highlights food safety, responsible animal care, and traceability tied to a producer photo with a quote on why it’s important and what it means to them.

The double-page spread features an eye-catching picture of a western Canadian pig farm supplied by Manitoba Pork as a backdrop to the message.

The trade advertisement will be in the November/December edition of Western Grocer, in the “Buy Local” feature section. The magazine distributes 12,500 copies; in addition, the ad will also be shown in their weekly newsletter over two months and published on the Western Grocer website. Readership includes grocery stores at all levels in the western provinces as well as grocery head offices in Ontario.

“Canada Pork was very happy to collaborate with members on this project—working together, everyone agreed on a single vision then Canada Pork executed the vision and created the ad,” says Jeremy Yim, Director, National Marketing, Canada Pork. “Everyone had a chance to make suggestions and edits to help improve the ad and each province submitted producer photos to complete the look and feel. Working as a group made the ad much stronger than if it was done by one member alone.”

All provinces are encouraged to contact Canada Pork to learn more about partnering on trade advertisements and conveying a trade-focused message to their target audience. 

For more information about Canada Pork programs and services contact: 

Jeremy Yim
Director, National Marketing

Kevin Mosser
Senior Director, Global Marketing 



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