Canada Pork participates at China Meat Industry Week in Qingdao

China Meat Industry Week which included a conference and trade show was held September 18-22, 2021. Canada Pork exhibited at the Industry Week trade show and for the first time co-exhibited with Canada Beef. Traffic to the booth (which was located next to the U.S. and Australian meat pavilions) was brisk and sharing the booth with Canada Beef allowed for the referral of clients between the two organizations. Officers and staff from Canada Embassy in Beijing, the AAFC office in Qingdao and Chongqing all visited the booth and commented positively on the fact that Canada Pork had a presence at the show among key meat trading partners to China.

Information gathered at the conference highlighted that pork prices in China may stay at a lower level until mid-2022. There is a great deal of imported frozen pork inventory in the market along with an abundance of domestic supply. Consumption has not returned to pre-COVID levels and pork consumption is about 15% less than the normal level. Currently, the market for imported pork is sluggish. 

Framework Agreement on Food Safety and Trade Development successfully renewed in Beijing

After months of discussion, Canada Pork (CP) successfully renewed the Framework Agreement on Food Safety and Trade Development Cooperation with China Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Association (CIQA) on September 23, 2021. The chairman of CIQA Internal Cold Chain Branch and the Secretary-General of CIQA made remarks at an event to highlight the renewal while the Secretary-General of CIQA ICCB and Director of International Cooperation of CIQA were in attendance. 

It is hoped that the cooperation between CIQA, CP and the Canadian Meat Council will be strengthened with this renewal especially in the areas of safeguarding the quality of imported meat and anti-fraud. 


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